BB Riefner

Photograph by Kristen Roos

Photograph by Kristen Roos

I am a bear. I have always been a bear. I believe I have a mental window into an intriguing, violent, humorous, humanistic failure by an entire generation that believed it could change the world...and almost did.

I used to be a jazz musician, football jock, Marine, "kept man," life guard, body guard, dedicated body surfer, girls' basketball coach, football coach, and teacher of dyslexic but brilliant students.

I continue to be a world traveler (80 or so countries), photographer, multimedia creator, published author .... in awed wonder of this generation.

My writings always center upon certain universals: Who am I, Where Am I? My Relationship to My Fellow Man and The Universe or Whomever One Prays to.

Lately I have added the following questions.

  1. Why aren't women ruling this planet politically as they do sexually and intellectually?
  2. Why do most males dread intimacy more than death or ED?
  3. Why do so many people "eat wooden pickles" when they have been warned since birth that these will leave splinters in their throats? Perhaps it's because wooden pickles never look like wooden pickles.
  4. Most of all, why do most of us go for a second or even third wooden pickle?