BB Riefner


The Last Horseman

When the world as we know it ends, there are only two choices we can make in order to see what remains.We either send out a Noah who needs only a single artifact to begin again.Or, we send out a Quixote who is mad and sees the present as the future. Noah gives hope but reconstructs with the same flaws. Quixote returns with truth that is too traumatic to accept.

George Arnold leaves a world which worships him to fight fascism in Spain He leaves believing he is fighting for the ideals of the country which later rejects him and denies his existence.Trapped in Europe he drifts from one war zone to another, from one army to another, from one ideology to another.He spends thirty-two years sliding further and further from his original ideals. His path continues through Israel , Viet Nam Algeria and finally the Congo during a chaotic and violent era.A beautiful Israeli psychiatrist who fell in love with him when she was ten years old,tracks George through his descent into a moral morass to bring him the peace and love he has so desperately sought.His bliss is short lived but nevertheless sweet.

Lawless Years

Ian Maynard Lawless signs his name:I. M. Lawless.He is; and being so, he has no ties to society.It is "them versus me," a vicious battlefield with him the lone alpha wolf.

Lawless lands in a poverty plagued Mexican village, hung over and drugged out, where he is saved from a savage beating by Father Joseph, a transplanted New York priest.The two form an unlikely bond.Joseph sees in Ian a bit of himself as a scrappy youth and Ian sees in Joseph the first unselfish adult he has ever met.

Ian's influence on Joseph causes the priest to be more aggressive in trying to end the poverty, but this backfires when six villagers die trying to achieve his goal.Joseph's influence on Ian leads him to reject his only true love. Dejected, where else would a former criminal go to live out his new found ideals and morality, but a classroom!As Ian says, " When I get the rainbows and grape soda working together, we'll truly change this madhouse in which we live."

Fox on Ice Skates

Norris, the fox, skates into a new world.Emancipated Womenchallenge Norris' highly developed skills.The constant re-appearances of two of them complicate his new status.One gives him definition.One becomes his artistic muse.Just as he achieves success and enlightenment he is murdered...but doesn't die.Instead, he is confronted by a Druid priest who offers semi-eternal life in return for Street attempting to solve one of the world's most vexing problems.This will take another five hundred years.